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WANTED Poster™ customized for your Pet!

WANTED Poster™
Old West Style WANTED Poster™ for you or your pet!
Bite marks instead of bullet holes. Send us a pic we do the rest. Sepia toned and matted in a folder. Please make sure to email your photo. Reply to the email confirmation which you will receive after completing your order. Send us a jpeg file. Please allow 2 weeks.

Suggested crimes (one crime per poster):

Make up your pet's crime or use one of our suggestions:

Aggravated barking
Disorderly conduct
Felony humping
Cat chasing
Public urination
Felony begging
Impersonating a human
Backyard vandalism
Chewing infraction
Running away
Doggie breath
Tuna breath
Kitty cat incident
Furniture scratching
Felony breeding
Felony farting
Catnip possession
Butt sniffing
Assault with teeth
Biting infraction
Kitty trafficking
Bird stalking
Multiple bird homicide
Aggravated snoring
Solicitation for treats
Aggravated drooling
Tennis ball addiction
Multiple plush toy homicide
Plush toy assault
Postman hate crime
Garbage theft
Being too cute
Felony cuteness
Being spoiled rotten
Being a diva
Being a stud
Stealing hearts

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